Windows 11 is the newest and the latest version of Microsoft’s computer operating system and has brought lots of changes. Windows 11 has come up with many feathers and is different from Windows 10.

Now Windows 11 will require a higher system of requirements than the previous versions. Some PCs may support the new OS but what about the peripherals? 

You should not get worried about whether your printer will get connected or work with Windows 11. The attachments and peripherals which work today will also continue to work with your new OS.  

Can my HP Printer Work With Windows 11?

If you want to run your printer with Windows 11, first you need to be sure that your pc is supporting the Windows 11 update or not. To check this there are some requirements which are important to be your pc.

Minimum Requirements For your PC to run Windows 11 with your Printer

First, you need to confirm that your PC meets the minimum requirements which are necessary to run Windows 11, as there are some of the big things like- 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. 

To check the list of the requirements there is a Microsoft website that has an app known as the PC Health Check app that will help you to know if you’re ready to run Windows 11 or not. 

There is one problem or we can say a hurdle TPM support which users face while they are running the app and it is difficult to clear. If you are done with all this and meet the requirements needed by your PC then you are good to go.

Will My Printer Work Without Any Issues?

Of course, your printer will work without any issues. As per Microsoft the Windows 11 is established on the strong foundations of the Windows 10 software that’s why the current printers will work normally. 

Some of the similar issues will also depend on the PC Hardware in preference to the printer. If your present pc supports Windows 10 and also meets all the requirements needed by Windows 11 then there is nothing to worry about. 

Update 12/10/2021

Brother printers are complaining that when printers are connected with USB they may face some issues in connecting it with Windows 11. In the case of Brother Printer when connected with USB, we would not suggest you upgrade it to Windows 11. 

In spite of some changes in Windows 11 it is set up as the same foundation as in Windows 10. Mainly there are the same capabilities and external devices. Microsoft has said that till the time your device will support Windows 10 and also meet the requirements of Windows 11 it will work. 

There are no such specific requirements for the printers, if it is working properly right now then it will also work with Windows 11. The devices are not the same all the time. That’s why we have a chance that something may not work well but if you are working on Windows 10 and things are going quite well then only you can expect them to work well on Windows 11. 

The main factor which you should consider when you are going to use Windows 11 in a new laptop is Ports. Nowadays some laptops don’t have a USB Type-A port but what they have is Thunderbolt 4 which means you can only have a Thunderbolt dock that is used for connecting your printer.  In case your printer is wireless, then it is not an issue. 

Things can get a little complicated if you are still using the older version of Windows. In this case, the best thing is to survey your manufacturer’s website and confirm if there are any Windows 10 drives available. If your printer works well with Windows 10 take it as an indicator that it will go well with Windows 11 too. 

You can always go back

The thing you should always keep in mind is that you can anyway go back to Windows 10 if there is an issue with the printer. This upgrade is like having a new update in the features of Windows 10 and you can always get back to the changes. You will have 10 days with you after you do the upgrade part to go back to windows 10 without deleting any of the files but in case it’s more than 10 days then you need to download the Windows 10 ISO and then do the clean install. 

It’s the best plan for you to upgrade because you will have 10 days time to check and test everything that you need and if you face any issues you can easily go back to Windows 10 as it will work much better for you. As you know, Windows 10 will be supported till October 14th, 2025. 

This is sufficient to know all about using the printer with Windows 11. The point here is that if your printer is working well with your Windows 10 then it will work well with Windows 11 too.

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