It is a common error faced by many to see their Brother printer go offline once in a while but to let you all know that it’s completely normal and can be fixed easily by following a few steps.

However, what is vital for the user to know is why your brother’s printer has gone offline. This article will talk about the issues faced by both Mac and Windows users related to their Brother printer and easy ways to fix them. 

Reasons for Brother Printer can go offline on Windows 10, 11, Mac

  • Ink Toner Blockage 
  • The printer is not set as default 
  • Paper jam error 
  • Error due to the connection problem between your working system and the printer 
  • Due to the print job stuck in queue 
  • Outdated printer drivers 
  • If the printer “use offline mode” is selected it may show the offline error
  • Wrong printer settings 

These are several most common reasons why the brother printer is unable to print. Follow the article through to see how you can fix these and other issues to bring your printer back to online/working mode. 

How To Bring Back My Brother Printer Online – Windows

Follow some basic steps to check and fix issues in your Brother printer and bring it back to online mode. 

Set Brother Printer As The Default Printer

First and foremost what’s most important is to make sure that the Brother Printer is set as the default printer. To do this all that you have to do is go to the settings of your system and look for devices and printers in that right-click the Brother Printer and set it as default printer. 

Clear and Restart Print Spooler

The printer offline issues can be fixed by restarting the print spooler services and to that, all you have to do is go to the settings in your system and go under the option of printer and devices there you will see an option to stop print spooler. 

Check For Printer Jam Error

 If you find the paper jam between the rollers then all you have to do is switch off the printer and unplug the power supply. After that open the printer and remove the rollers gently in case that’s not possible then try to pull the paper gently and once the paper is successfully out of the rollers send the print command once again. 

Keep an updated printer driver

An outdated printer driver can sometimes be a very common cause for the printer to stop working, therefore it is crucial to make sure that your printer driver is updated from time to time for better and efficient workflow. 

Fix Brother Printer Offline Problem On Mac

The reasons mentioned above can be the cause for the offline mode of the brother printer in both Windows and Mac. However, to solve this issue on Mac one might have to make slight different efforts which are mentioned for you to follow below: 

Reinstalling the Driver to fix Brother Printer on Mac

To reinstall one must first know how to uninstall the driver and to do that go to the system preferences on your Macbook and then go to Printers and Devices now select the printer you want to uninstall and click on the (-) button to complete the task. After it is successfully uninstalled, redownload your driver from the official Brother Printer website. 

To reinstall follow the following steps

  • Restart your printer and open the newly installed printer driver. 
  • After that select the printer and install the paper port and before doing that please read all instructions carefully and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Once the driver is installed, open the system preferences and choose the printer and scanner option. 
  • Now add the reinstalled printer and driver to that by choosing (+) this symbol. 
  • Here allow and add the Brother Printer to your Mac and once this is done quit the system preferences. 

After Reinstalling the Driver and Restarting the Brother printer all your Brother Printer Offline errors will be resolved and your printer icon will be shown with a green mark on it. This is the most simple way to fix all offline error issues on your Macbook. 


To avoid any errors on your Brother Printer you have to keep a check on the update of the software and other general maintenance which can cause hindrance in your work. In case there is a severe problem with your Printer then we suggest that you contact a professional technician to get your problem solved. However, all the steps mentioned above are tried and tested and are completely safe to follow. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) 

How to Change Brother Printer from Offline to Online? 

To solve this issue the first thing to make sure is to check that your Brother Printer on the device is set as the default printer which can be done by going to the settings of any system and choosing your Brother Printer as the default printer. 

Why does my Brother Printer keep going offline? 

The most common reasons for your printer to keep going to offline mode, again and again, can be due to technical errors such as network connectivity, power plugin default, drivers issue, and the network router. 

How to turn the Brother printer from offline to online mode? 

Make sure that the printer is connected to a wired or wireless network and is working with an updated software version. Next, go to the settings and click on printers and scanners and then make your Brother Printer the default printer for all printing commands. Now reboot the printer and try to print.

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