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How to Fix Epson Printer Does not Recognize Refillable or CIS Cartridges?

There is the current developmental progress in the refill industry.  Some Epson cartridges can only use re-setters, while refillable cartridges or ink systems are available to others.  This article will help us to form a strategy to attack Epson’s refilling problem.

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Three Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Does not Recognize Refillable or CIS Cartridges?

 1. Chip Re-setter

Epson Cartridges Wont Recognize ErrorThe “Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized” error can also be due to a bad or dirty Cartridges Chip. A re-setter makes the page count go back to zero.  It works when a cartridge has at least 15% of its ink left.  Once the ink is low, we take the cartridge out and put it on this device.  An LED will flash red a few times, and then a green light indicates a successful reset.  After that, we will refill the cartridge with ink and use it as new.  The re-setter works for both original and third-party compatible cartridges.

 2. Refillable Cartridge with Auto Reset Chip (ARC)

Each refillable cartridge has a refill hole on the top.  The refill process is simple: unplug and add ink. The “A” in ARC means automatic, by which the chip doesn’t reset at will.  The chip only resets when the page count reaches a critical number.  

1)  If we see a low ink level and refill the cartridge, the chip will not reset.  

As a result, the printer will yet show less ink.  The actual ink level will be out of sync with the printer’s estimation.  Thus, we should ignore low-ink warnings and keep printing, until there is an automatic chip reset.

2) After a reset, the printer will be confused because we haven’t changed the cartridge yet.  

The printer will display “Cannot detect [xxx] cartridge” or “[xxx] cartridge is missing.”  To fix this, we will go to the printer’s control panel and select “replace the cartridge.” Then, we will open the printer lid and check the actual ink level within the see-through casing. If the cartridge needs ink, we will take this opportunity to refill it.  Otherwise, we will just close the door to fool the printer.  Once this is done, the printer will show a full tank of ink.

3. Continuous Ink System ARC (CIS)

These chips are similar to refillable cartridges.  However, all chips are together in one array.  A continuous ink system supplies cartridges with tubes. 

Therefore, we will add ink to external tanks and not take the cartridges out.  A reset button is on the top of the array chip.  Once pushed, the button cuts off the chip’s electricity for a few seconds.  Consequently, the printer will think we’ve taken out the cartridge and changed it.

 The availability of one solution doesn’t guarantee the availability of others.  For example, some models only have re-setters.  These cartridges are often rare, and ARC development is not profitable.  Furthermore, some newer models may not have any refill solution at all.

Points to keep in mind While Making Epson Printer Recognize Refillable or CIS Cartridges?

  • Ensure that the cartridge chip is clean, free of ink smear and debris.
  • Ensure that the printer’s contact pin is clean, free of ink smear and debris
  • Verify that the cartridge is seated in the printer securely.  
  • Push it down hard till you hear a click. Once it is inside, shake it with your finger back and forth.  If the cartridge appears to be loose, put folded paper to the back and thus press the cartridge further to have good contact with the printer.

Possible Causes After Installing Cartridges – Still Saying Not Recognize New Cartridge

  • If you placed cartridge with power off, the printer won’t know you changed the cartridge.  It will obscure the printer and thus induce cartridge error.  
  • Sometimes Epson printer won’t erase previous error code.  When it has exhausted OEM cartridge error and a non-OEM cartridge warning come together, it induces the printer to display “cartridge not recognized”.

You can try these things to fix Epson printer:

  • Install non-OEM cartridge early.  Do not wait till OEM cartridges empty.
  • Place the OEM cartridge back and use the on-screen prompt to change cartridges.
  • Power off the printer and leave it about 1 hour then power it or Remove all cartridges.  Let the printer run without any cartridge.  It will make a “no cartridge installed” error and thus remove the “ink cartridge empty” error.  After the printer gets set down then use the on-screen trigger to change cartridges.  


  • Do a complete check
  • Assessing the problem cartridge
  • Resolving the problem cartridge

All Epson printers will accept compatible and refillable cartridges. Sometimes, there is an exception when the printer has received a downloaded firmware update from Epson.


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