49.4c02 Error in HP Printer is one of the very common errors or a well – known printer issue in users. HP Printer Error 49.4c02 halts all the running operations being performed and asks to restart.

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There are many ways to solve this error 49.4c02. For example, if networked find which computer has the job halt in the printer queue. Delete the job, but the Printer and network cable back in. Turn ON the Printer and Test.

HP Printer Error 49.4c02

Let’s know more about this error and ways to Solve this.

Nothing can frustrate us more than the situation when we have done our work and are going to finalize it with printing and the printer does not work.

There may be a Printer Error 49.4c02 in it and we have some solutions with which you can fix it. When your HP Printer shows the error code 49.4c02, it is commonly occurred due to a print job. So, let us move to the steps by which you will become able to fix the error.

How Can You Solve the HP Printer Error 49.4c02 ?

By following the given steps, you can fix the error in your HP printer:

  1. Delete the queued Printer jobs
  2. Print a page to test
  3. Disable the features of Advanced Printing
  4. Check if you use Franklin Gothic Book Font
  5. Flash the firmware and update it
  1. The computer at the bottom, you can find a small Printer icon. Right-click on this icon. The Printer queue will open up. In this list, delete all the jobs.
  2. Print a page to test: Switch off the Printer and disconnect the cable plugging to the computer. Switch on the printer now. If the printer shows to be at Ready state, then print a page to test.

If the page gets printed, then the error must have been with the printer jobs in the queue.

If these options do not help in fixing the error, then there must be some other fault.

Other steps that Can Fix the Issue 49.4c02

Disable the features of Advanced Printing

For the execution of this step, follow the following points

  • Open the Windows Logo printers.
  • Select the Printer queue.
  • Left-click here and choose the option Printing Preference.
  • Choose the option “Advanced”.
  • Under the option of Document, select Advanced Printing Features.
  • Change this option into the disabled.

Try to print again by using a test page. If this option also does not work, then move forward to the next step.

  1. Check if you use Franklin Gothic Book Font: The HP Error 49.4c02 can also occur when you print any document with Franklin Gothic Book Font. If it is so, then you will have to follow the given steps:
  • For drivers PCL 5e and PCL6- Under the Advanced tab of any of the 2 drivers, enable “Send True Type as Bitmaps”. After this, you will be able to print your document without HP Error 49.4c02.
  • For PS Driver- Set the option “True Type Font Download” to Bitmap. It will make you able to print the document without the Error Code 49.4c02. Under the “PostScript Options”, go to the Advanced tab.

On the hard drive of the printer, you can install the font also by using the plugin “Web JetAdmin” which is also known as “Device Storage Manager”. With the help of this, you can print the document or font without the help of Bitmap Settings as in the case of drivers mentioned above.

Flash the firmware and Update

Follow the given steps to flash the firmware of the printer while it is connected with a parallel cable to the computer

Check the Drivers @ HP Printer Support Drivers

  • Switch on the printer.
  • Check if “Ready” is being displayed on the screen.
  • Print a page for the test.
  • Check the firmware of your printer then do follow the given steps:
  • Click on the “Select” button.
  • Press the “Down” button to see the “Information Menu”.
  • Press the “Select” button.
  • Press the “Down” button so as to display “Print Configuration” on LCD.
  • Press “Select” and print a page for the test.

The date and revision of Firmware will be shown under printer information, on the test page.

  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Select the “Run” option.
  • In “Open” box, type COMMAND or CMD.
  • Go to Directory to see the path where Firmware is saved. Type this path in the command window.
  • Press “Enter”.

On the Command Window, type copy /B*.RFU LPT1

Press “Enter” and the Firmware file will be copied to the printer and update the firmware.

If the process has been successful, “Receiving Upgrade” will appear on the LCD.

(No interruptions should be there during the upgrading process, otherwise, there may occur some damage to the printer)

After the completion of the upgrade, “Ready” will be shown at the LCD.

Switch off the printer and then restart it after keeping it off for at least 15 seconds.

Print a page for testing and check if the firmware revision is shown on the test page under Printer Information.

For getting more details or if you have any queries, you can contact printer support-USA. We will provide you remarkable solutions for everything related.

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